Cambo Camo

Khmer Ninjas X Peap Tarr X Lisa Mam

 Our featured item has been making  ninja appearances from the United States to Cambodia in a series of different places rocked by a variety of people. This seamless ninja way through the Cambodian apparel scene is making moves in streetwear!
 The Cambo Camo hat collaboration with our good friends Peap and Lisa all began because we were all interested in doing something a bit different yet combining both our styles into a fashion statement. Ultimately, with the mix of colors creating a camouflage of patterns and textiles it represents the nitty gritty of Cambodia along with it’s fashionable sense of street wear. From the urban streets of Long Beach, California to the rural areas in Phnom Penh this collaboration is meant for the True Ninjas out making moves.

Japan Tai

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