Happy New Year 2017

Like most of us 2016 flew by like a blink of an eye! It did't seem too long ago when we were all creating new years resolutions for the year. Oh resolutions, they seem to suddenly disappear before we can even complete them sometimes and that is a- okay!  It's a new year and quite honestly it was a great year for us here at Khmer Ninjas. We went to Cambodia, we got engaged, then married and honeymooned in Tulum, Mexico. What we are trying to share is that, the future is unpredictable and you just never know what is ahead of you and quite frankly...

------ None of that was on our initial plans for the year we can tell you that much. But that just goes to show that it's not only every year is a new  beginning but everyday should be a fresh new start. This year we want to really pursue our passions and share it with the world. We recognize the importance of what you wear and how it can be a reflection of personal style in which we have come to terms that Cambodian streetwear is where we want to build. We hope not to just be a clothing brand but we are hopeful that we can turn our passions into inspirations for others. Social awareness is also where we strongly feel is important for the overall progression of Cambodia and the Cambodian people.

With that as we have been working hard to create and be innovative with the time and resources that we have. We are looking forward to an active year and making our waves in the Cambodian communities. We have some awesome things cooking up for our brand and we cannot wait to share them with you all.


Ratha and Sothary Sok , cheers to 2017!

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