Khmer Ninjas X Cambodian Heritage Camp

About the Cambodian Heritage Camp
Cambodian Heritage Camp is based in Colorado for families who have adopted children from Cambodia. Families attend from around the country each summer. Learn more about Cambodian Heritage Camp here, 

About the Collaboration
During the Summer of 2016, the collaboration was focused on Khmer Art. The mural shown above is a product of camp participants in a workshop lead by Khmer Ninjas. The following components were covered during the workshop:
  •  Introduction to Art
  •  Discussion about culture
  • Teach and recite Khmer Alphabet
  • Students contributed to mural

    Special thanks to our good friend - Khmer Artist Shortie Nay for helping with the finishing touches!

    About the Future of Khmer Ninjas and Cambodian Heritage camp
    As we continue forward, this year during the last camp we have a few things in store for camp participants. More workshops, essential send off conversations and resources for the camp participants to help support them in their future endeavors. We are excited to share more, stay tuned!

    Here are some photos to share:

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