We refreshed some of our products, did you notice?

Here is a quick recap of our year...

2019, we had a running start but then had some life events that slowed us down a bit. But over the Fall season we decided to revisit our purpose and our vision. With that we found again that our strong color ways are black, white and grey. We also took another look at one of our popular campaigns "Raised by Refugees".

In addition, we wanted to showcase our graffiti background in some pieces (more to come). Also, if you did not notice we brought out some more complex designs to really reflect our passion behind the brand. The new approach seemed to be hot items and we hope to keep bringing the heat. Below are just some of our favorites but certainly we love them all.   



Lastly, a sincere thank you to all of our loyal, new and referral customers. We appreciate all of you. We look forward to our 5th year as Khmer Ninjas in 2020, let's make it count!


Cheers to 2020!

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  • When would you have any 2xl or 3xl sizes available?


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